Winix Air Purifiers

Air purifiers will clean your air from bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, VOCs and mold spores.

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Ebac Dehumidifiers

Ebac dehumidifiers are smart controlled so they only work when needed. There is also a special laundry mode for quick laundry drying. All Ebac dehumidifiers are Made in the UK and carry a 3 year guarantee

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Lord Appliances

German quality without compromise – these are LORD appliances manufactured in state-to-art production facilities…for life.

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HoneyWell Air Coolers

Ideal for targeted spot cooling of small areas such as bed, desk, sofa and dining table areas

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Universal Remote Controls

A universal smart remote control for every need.Advanced technological products that are reliable and easy-to-use. Compatible with any brand, they never become obsolete.

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Blog posts

  • Back to School with Winix

    Back to School with Winix

    August 06 2020

    As we all know, hopefully soon it will be back to school time in Malta! However, this years hustle and bustle of preparing for school comes with new challenges; for teachers, parents, and students. We’ve all been told the precautions to take, such as sanitizing, washing hands, keeping a safe distance, wearing masks and more. What could we have not...

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  • COVID-19 Update - RIBI Malta

    COVID-19 Update

    March 17 2020

    Dear clients and followers, We are living in a delicate moment and therefore we had to take some necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and esteemed clients. We would recommend prospective clients to make use of our online shopping service as opposed to face to face business. Our website is equipped with everything one needs to know...

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  • How To Find The Best Bedroom Dehumidifier - RIBI Malta

    How To Find The Best Bedroom Dehumidifier

    November 22 2019

    How To Find The Best Bedroom Dehumidifier The importance of good night sleep is never too far from our thoughts. But, one of the most neglected tenets of ensuring a peaceful night is making sure that the air in our bedrooms is healthy. Why Do You Need A Bedroom Dehumidifier? As discussed in Health and Moisture in Buildings, excessive moisture...

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RIBI Malta Home of Winix Air Purifiers and Ebac Dehumidifiers

Ribi Malta sells Ebac dehumidifiers, Winix Air Purifiers, Lord Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers (Made by Bosch/ Siemens) and universal remote controls.

Winix Air Purifiers

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), indoor air quality is up to 10 to 30 times more polluted than outside air. A WINIX Air Purifier cleans the air in your home environment quickly and effectively from dust, particulate matter (PM2.5), dust mites, viruses, bacteria, pollen, mold, hair and odors from pets, cooking smells and cigarette smoke. As a South-Korean manufacturer and supplier, WINIX is worldwide known for its Design, High Quality and High Performance Air Purifiers. If you opt for clean indoor air, then choose a WINIX Air Purifier!

Ebac dehumidifiers

Ebac have been crafting, designing, engineering and manufacturing the very best products for almost 50 years.It's in our culture.

Ebac products are all Made in England to some of the most stringent design and manufacturing standards in the world. No corners are cut, no compromises are made. When you purchase an Ebac product you can rest assured that it was designed, engineered and built correctly and will last you a long time.

Please feel free to contact us here should you have any questions or need any assistance.