Mysoda Woody Soda Maker Review by Gadgets.

May 31 2023

Mysoda Woody Soda Maker Review by Gadgets.
Mysoda Woody Soda Maker Review by Gadgets.

The Finnish company, Mysoda, designs and manufactures premium sparkling water-makers, and produces the flavour concentrates and CO2 products used in them. The Mysoda range includes the first-ever sparkling water-makers made of sustainable, wood-based composite. Our design approach has been recognised with the iF gold award and Red Dot product design award in 2021. We believe the world needs a more sustainable and plastic-free way to enjoy carbonated beverages at home.

Meet Mysoda Woody sparkling water maker: the ultimate combination of sustainability and design. A mild scent of wood brings a little piece of forest to your kitchen and gives away its secret. Instead of using fossil-based plastic, the body of the device is made from almost 100% renewable-based wood composite. 

The elegant Woody comes in five different colors that all have a unique finish with subtly visible wood fibres

Woody adds a bit of elegance and convenience to your everyday life. It is particularly silent and has a handy quick-lock bottle mechanism. You can place it anywhere in your kitchen as no electricity is required.

The wood composite used for the production of Woody is supplied by the Finnish bioindustry company, UPM. The device works with a refillable CO2 cylinder. 



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