Cosori R-501 5 Litre Multifunction Rice Cooker & Steamer

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Cosori Air Fryers are available online with free delivery.

Easy clean and easy cooking in a healthy way with a Cosori Air Fryer.

Air fryers are small ovens with a highly concentrated heat source and powerful fan that moves the hot air around to crisp up wings, fries, veggies, and more air-fried recipes with little (or zero!) oil. They create a nice "fried" finish that your oven range can't compete with, as well as, reheating results that blow away the average microwave. Plus, an air fryer requires only a small amount of oil to make foods crispy with a fraction of the calories and fat of traditional cooking methods, like deep frying. 

Cosori is the winner of the Red Dot Award for best design. Just choose your preset with 1 easy tap on the display and you're ready to cook, while other air fryer needs cycle touch, the air fryer's compact size allows it to easily fit on your counter

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Outdoor cooking?

Enjoy grilling, baking, smoking or boiling at the beach, countryside or your home's outdoor area with a COBB Portable BBQ Grill. Available in charcoal or GAS versions.