Cosori Multifunction Rice Cooker - Cook and Share offer

Cosori Multifunction cooker Offer- Cook, Share and Get 50% off.
October 2023


1) Purchase one Cosori Multifunction Rice Cooker from this link ONLY (only 10 will be initially available for this contest):

Purchases NOT from this link will not be accepted.

2) Choose any 3 recipes from the Cosori Multifunction Rice Cooker Recipe book or any other recipe to your liking.
3) Post 3 videos on your Instagram showing the finished recipe and the method used, within 30 days of purchase. The Cosori Multifunction Rice cooker must be shown and mentioned. Our Instagram Page RIBI Malta must be also tagged.
4) Send an email to with a link to your Instagram page. If all is well you'll receive a request to send your IBAN number and your receipt of purchase.
5) You'll be receiving 50% of the rice cooker purchase price (excluding any delivery charges) back directly in your bank account within 4 business days of sending us the required information.


1. Open to residents of Malta & Gozo and over 18 of age.
2. Valid and for the first 10 purchases only. More might be added in the future.
3. Purchase must be made only online from this link:

Purchases made not from this link will not be accepted.
4. Any recipe can be used as long as it is done in the Cosori Rice cooker.
5. Instagram posts must be made within 30 days of purchase.
6. Half the price of the Cosori Rice cooker will be refunded to you excluding any delivery charges.