Ebac Patented Smart Control Explained

October 09 2018

Ebac Patented Smart Control Explained
Ebac Patented Smart Control Explained

What is Smart Control?

Ebac's Intelligent Smart Control is a new automatic way of controlling your dehumidifier. All you need do is switch it on and forget about it. Unlike simple humidistats, Smart Control will switch the unit off when the problem is solved and only switch back on when required. An Ebac Smart Control dehumidifier will solve your damp and condensation problems faster and will save you money on running costs.


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Smart Control gives you the peace of mind to know the dehumidifier is running efficiently without frequent changes having to be made.













How Does Smart Control Work?


Smart Control takes readings of the Relative Humidity every hour of the day and stores this in its memory. It uses this data to understand your home, this ensures the optimal performance of the dehumidifier – minimizing running costs and ensuring a fast resolution of the damp and condensation issues. 

Smart Control will provide 100% Home Protection



Dehumidifier Control Systems

The control system of a dehumidifier is key to solving the problem of condensation and dampness without wasting electricity. Ordinary humidistat’s need to be reset several times a day because of changing conditions inside and outside the house. Without making these changes your dehumidifier will be running when it shouldn't or at the wrong setting, wasting time and money. This is why the control system of a dehumidifier is a vital feature and why Ebac's unique Smart Control - which automatically makes these changes for you, is the only dehumidifier you need.



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