CADR Rating: How to Choose the Perfect Air Purifier

September 26 2020

CADR Rating: How to Choose the Perfect Air Purifier
CADR Rating: How to Choose the Perfect Air Purifier

As staying homebound continues to be a way of life for all, let’s talk about something that’s also affecting us…indoor air quality! The quality of our indoor air is constantly changing and being affected by the activities we do indoors. Each home comes with its unique set of allergens and odors, but one aspect can remain constant in all homes…having the ability to keep your air clean!


We’re already spending more time inside than in years past but now with cold weather approaching, time spent indoors will continue to rise. With windows closed and allergens at an all-time high, you want to make sure you’re giving the best quality air to your family. One surefire way to ensure your family is breathing the cleanest air is knowing that your air cleaner is AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) Verified. Winix is proud to say that our entire lineup of air cleaners are Verified by AHAM and hold optimal CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) ratings per room sizes.


Why is CADR important to know? CADR comes from AHAM. CADR approved air cleaners go through rigorous testing conducted by independent laboratories, ensuring you receive the most accurate and unbiased information. The higher the CADR, the greater its ability to remove pollutants in specific room sizes. AHAM states that during CADR testing “The air cleaners are exposed to specific quantities of tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen. After the air cleaner is run for a certain amount of duration, the amount of each pollutant is measured.”


In short, CADR ratings tell you how much clean air comes out of your unit after being filtered and at what room size the air cleaner is most effective in. AHAM states to “Stay within models tested for the size of the room or rooms in which the air cleaner will be used.” This ensures that you and your family are getting the most out of your air cleaner and not using or paying for excess energy. Fortunately, all Winix air cleaner models are AHAM Verified and CADR rated, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for every room in your home!


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