Back to School with Winix Air Purifiers

August 06 2020

Back to School with Winix Air Purifiers
Back to School with Winix Air Purifiers

Winix Air Purifiers Malta

As we all know, hopefully soon it will be back to school time in Malta! However, this year's hustle and bustle of preparing for school come with new challenges; for teachers, parents, and students. We’ve all been told the precautions to take, such as sanitizing, washing hands, keeping a safe distance, wearing masks, and more. What could we have not considered? The air quality around our children, school staff, and those participating in distance learning.
According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), filtration can be part of a plan to protect people indoors. They state, “Consider using portable air cleaners to supplement increased HVAC system ventilation and filtration.” Air purifier units benefit both the in-school and home environment by adding an additional aid in the fight against infectious airborne illnesses.
In addition to fighting against illness, the quality of air around you is just as important. Poor indoor air quality can cause short and long-term effects on our health and worsen preexisting health conditions. In fact, the EPA states that indoor air quality is up to five times worse than the outdoors. Whether you are distance learning or are in-school, clean air has never been more important.
Regardless of the measures, we take to protect ourselves, and the ones we care for, the risk of spreading airborne germs will always be there. With so much to prepare for, no matter what schooling you choose, WINIX Air Purifiers has you covered. WINIX Air Purifiers capture airborne germs, allergens, and odors, providing those in any school setting a healthier, happier environment.

Winix Air Purifiers are exclusively represented in Malta by RIBI. 

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