COBB Premier Gas Portable BBQ Grill

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COBB Premier Gas portable BBQ grill can operate with any screw-type gas canister.

The light, portable, and completely versatile COBB Premier Gas Portable BBQ allows you to turn any outdoor adventure into a foodie feast of epic COBB Premier Gas proportions. The mesh section of the base always remains cool-to-touch on the outside whilst cooking hot on the inside.

Working off a convenient 230g/445g non-refillable disposable gas canister (screw type), the COBB Premier Gas Portable BBQ cooking system allows you to cook anything, anywhere, anytime. With accessories that allow you to smoke, bake, fry, boil, grill, and roast – your cooking options are endless! 

Griddle+ included  with Premier Gas Portable BBQ Grill





  • Convenient – built-in Piezo ignition allows for quick light up
  • Portable Gas BBQ – can be easily moved anywhere
  • Compact – uses minimal space
  • Lightweight – at 5kg you can carry it with ease
  • Premium quality and durable – made from high-grade stainless steel
  • Due to the unique design, mesh remains cool to the touch
  • Comes standard with the non-stick Aluminium Grill Grid
  • Included Free Griddle+
  • Versatile because you can bake, roast, smoke, fry, boil, and grill
  • 2-year international warranty
  • Compatible with all COBB accessories other than the BBQ Kit

Technical Information:
Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 330 × 460 × 440 mm

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The Griddle+

Higher Temperatures

The COBB Griddle+ is specially designed to maintain higher temperatures which in turn burns hotter, ensuring your food is grilled quickly and evenly.


The Griddle+ has a convex profile which allows for any fat to drain from the food, as well as the non-stick coating which is used to prevent sticking and leaves your food seared to perfection!

Grill Marks

The raised griddle lines will also leave your food with striking grill marks, impressing friends and family alike. Three tabs secure the griddle in place, so your only worry is what food to grill first