Mysoda Wood Composite explained

March 09 2023

Mysoda Wood Composite explained
Mysoda Wood Composite explained


The idea sparked  when we decided to create a new range of sparkling water makers. Stunning looks was of course one of the targets of our development project but just as importantly, we wanted to improve our carbon handprint. In fact, we decided that Mysoda should become a frontrunner in the manufacture of more sustainable household appliances. Home carbonation, as a category, has many eco-friendly benefits but we thought we needed to do something more. After evaluating different materials, wood-based composite was clearly the best option for Mysoda.



There are different kinds of wood composites on the market. Let’s talk about the one we use. It’s called UPM Formi EcoAce and it’s made by UPM – The Biofore Company. This wood composite is produced by utilising the residues of the sawmill and pulp industries. Residues mean that no trees need to be harvested to produce the material. Formi EcoAce has two main components, approximately 60% is crude tall oil-based bioplastic which is a side product of the pulp making process, roughly 40% is wood chips collected from the wood processing industry. Wood composite is basically a combination of  these two completely renewable ingredients. 



Unlike crop-based biomaterials, this wood composite doesn’t harm the food-production chain. The wood used at the beginning of the production chain always comes from sustainably managed forests.

These are the basics of UPM Formi EcoAce wood composite.

We think it is an ideal replacement for fossil-based plastics.

We now use it to produce the most sustainable sparkling water makers on the market. Let’s hope other manufacturers of household appliances will follow suit!


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